About Us

Welcome to Legend Cranes - Your best provider of high-performance cranes for sale!
Here at Legend Cranes, we are ready to introduce the best cranes to all interested clients. Since 1987, we have helped clients regarding their crane and construction equipment needs. With our professional experience, we can spot the hot deals in the market and create better deals of our own.

We are proud of our high-quality cranes that can be used for all types of heavy-duty operations. Before adding a crane to our existing product line, we dedicate our team to a focused research. Even if there are dozens of crane manufacturers willing to do business with us, we only pick the very best. This way, we can only distribute high quality and durable service cranes to our clients.

Currently, we sell different types of heavy-duty cranes. These cranes are mainly used for construction projects, clearing operations, and other large-scale purposes. We also sell construction equipment to hardworking contractors. If you want to know more about our products, you can give us a call anytime. 
When it comes to prices, Legend Cranes is worth your attention. Aside from picking only the best options, we have also considered the full price of every service crane. If it's too high, we won't include it in our catalog. If it's too low, then we are skeptical! Hence, we commit ourselves towards a step by step product analysis method. Rest assured, you will get a full value return on your purchase. 

Your company deserves high-performance cranes within budget. Contact us today and see our available cranes!